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Manual Medicine

Perhaps the oldest branch of traditional Chinese medicine are the various forms of bodywork. Based on the same theories as traditional acupuncture, these ancient therapies are used as a preventative as well as a healing modality. By applying specific methods of tissue manipulation, obstructions in the meridian pathways can be removed, promoting and increasing the circulation of energy and blood. These modalities focus on improving the structure of the body along with the healing of soft tissue injuries. Tui Na therapy focuses on the external manipulation of the muscles and tendons. Gua sha, a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, utilizes specific tools to massage the muscles and fascia for the purpose of reducing adhesions in the muscles and fascia. This technique is also used to regulate the matrix between the muscles and fascia. It promotes energy and blood circulation as well as detoxes the body. An Mo is used for internal organ regulation. Jing Point therapy (which includes acupressure) is employed for meridian and internal organ regulation. Qi An Mo integrates qigong with An Mo to balance the meridians of the body. 

Arlington Acupuncture Clinic introduces each of these modalities into its menu of services. 
Chinese Massage