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Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions among the brain, mind, body, and behavior, and on the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect health. It regards as fundamental an approach that respects and enhances each person's capacity for self-knowledge and self-care, and it emphasizes techniques that are grounded in this approach.

Mind-body medicine typically focuses on intervention strategies that are thought to promote health, such as relaxation, hypnosis, visual imagery, tai chi, qi gong, cognitive-behavioral and other therapies. The field views illness as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation and health care providers as catalysts and guides in this process.

Evidence from randomized controlled trials and, in many cases, systematic reviews of the literature, suggests that:
  • Mechanisms may exist by which the brain and central nervous system influence immune, endocrine, and autonomic functioning, which is known to have an impact on health. 
  • Multi-component mind-body interventions that include some combination of stress management, coping skills training, cognitive-behavioral interventions, and relaxation therapy may be appropriate adjunctive treatments for coronary artery disease and certain pain-related disorders, such as arthritis. 
  • An array of mind-body therapies (e.g., imagery, hypnosis, relaxation), when employed presurgically, may improve recovery time and reduce pain following surgical procedures. 
  • Neurochemical and anatomical bases may exist for some of the effects of mind-body approaches.

Mind-body approaches have potential benefits and advantages. In particular, the physical and emotional risks of using these interventions are minimal. Moreover, most mind-body interventions can be taught easily. Arlington Acupuncture Clinic is pleased to offer the following mind-body therapies:

  • Medical Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Guided Imagery, and Guided Meditation
  • Energy Medicine: Qi Gong, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Stress management strategies including training in the Relaxation Response, Mindfulness techniques.

Mind-Body Medicine